2016 Winter Barnburner Drone Racing Series presented by ReadyMadeRC



  • $1,000 Cash Prize To Open Class Championship Race #6 Winner
  • THUNDERDRONE Enduro Team Format Race at Race #5
  • PropZone at Select Races
  • New “Super Base Stations” for even stronger video than before
  • NEW! SEASON’S PASS to save up to $160!
  • Podium Plaques for Top-3 in Each Class, Every Race
  • Series Trophies for Top-3 in Each Class
  • Tons of Sponsor Prizes to be awarded throughout the Series
  • Theme Races at almost every Event
  • And much, much more!


seasonopener RESULTS: CLICK HERE
world-drone-prix   Registration Open!
simcoeshootut   Registration Open!
airracearena   Registration Open!
springfling   Registration Open!
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  1. 4″ Props (Micros Class)
  2. 5″ Props / 220mm Minimum Wheelspan (250 Spec Class)
  3. 5″ Props / no restriction (Race Spec)
  4. 3S / no restriction (3S Open)
  5. Open (Run What You Brung)
  6. Beginners (All MultiRotors Welcome)

Individual Race Format:

  • Day #1 – Minimum of 2 Practice Rounds & 1 Qualifying Round
  • Day #2 – Minimum of 2 Qualifying Rounds & Championship Races (everyone gets a Final Race!)
  • Rocket-Round Qualifying: Each Racer is seeded based on their Best Qualifier of the 3
  • Practice: 3 minutes on the Clock, Unlimited Laps, Fastest Lap Seeds Qualifier #1 & #2 when available
  • Qualifying: 3 minutes on the Clock, scoring the fastest Five consecutive laps
  • Championship Mains: 5 Lap Races.  Lower Seeds (i.e. D-Main) fly first.  The Top Racer in that Race advances a grouping higher (i.e. the C-Main)


Day 1:

  • 9am Registration Opens
  • 10am Pilot Meeting
  • 10:10am Controlled Practice
  • 12:30pm Qualifier #1
  • 5pm Theme Races if applicable

Day 2:

  • 8:30am Last Minute Registration
  • 9am Pilot Meeting
  • 9am Qualifier #2
  • 10:30am Qualifier #3
  • 1pm Championship Mains
  • 4:30pm Podium

Host Hotels:

The Ashwood
519 565 4444

Use Discount Code “DroneRacing” to get these exclusive rates!
Double Queen: $125
Single: $105
King Suite: $155
Family – up to 6: $175

Best Western Little River Inn
203 Queensway W,
Simcoe, ON
N3Y 2M9
(519) 426-2125
Single Bed Rooms or 2 Double Bed Rooms: $105.99
Use discount code “Drone Race” by the Wednesday before the race for these savings!

Race Fees:

  • $40 – First Class, $30 – Second Class, $20 – Third Class, $10 – Fourth Class
  • Practice Fees are inclusive of Race Fees
  • $10 – “on the day fee” for cash payments onsite (Entries confirmed via PayPal and Season Pass Holders Exempt)
  • Race Fees are non-refundable after a pilot has completed 1 lap in practice, though special circumstances may apply.

Series Championship Points:

  • Each Class will be scored from Top-to-Bottom, with 1st receiving 100 points, 2nd 99 points, etc. after every event.
  • Point Ranking will start out of mains, and factor in qualifying for DNS’s in Mains, and practice for DNS’s in Qualifiers; Ties will be awarded at the bottom of each division of competition (i.e. 12/13/14 after qualifying would all receive 89 points)
  • A Bonus Point will be awarded to Each Top-Qualifier to the Mains
  • All 6 Races will be scored for points (including the Series Championship #6), plus the FEATURE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE in that class if applicable
  • Each racer is awarded 1 (one) Drop against the 6 Races, meaning, each racer’s lowest ranking race will be removed
    • Prior to Championship Race #6, the Top-7 will be guaranteed entry into the FEATURE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE for $1,000 Winner-Take All Classes as advertised (i.e. Open Class at the time of this printing)
    • The Highest Placing Racer in Race #6 that is not included in the Top-7 previous to the Race will be added to fill the Grid (a last-chance qualifier).  This Racer must have attended at least 1 (one) other Series Event and competed in that class to be eligible.
    • The winner of the FEATURE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE will win the $1,000 Bonus
    • FEATURE CHAMPIONSHIP RACES are also scored on the same system for Series Championship Points, and the 1-race Drop will be re-applied at the conclusion of the 7th race in classes where applicable
  • The Top-3 in Each Class will be Recognized with a Series Title
  • In the case of a Tie, the highest finish the last time the racers raced at the same event will decide ranking; if they tied at that event, the next previous match-up will be used.
  • No Rain-Dates.  If an event is “pulled” due to inclement weather, it will not be used for point or “drop” calculations.  Note: Races may still transpire during inclement weather, however, points may not be applicable.
  • Beginners: this class is designed for new racers
    • Racers in Beginners: can not have had a podium finish in 2015 (top-3) at a grand scale event including beginner
    • Racers in Beginners: will be immediately removed should they qualify in an A-main of a race (top-7) including the race they are at, if it is the top one-third of all entries in that class (i.e. top-7 of 21).
    • Racers may move themselves up at their own discretion, though they may also be moved at the discretion of management

Thanks To Corporate Partners To Date:

Real Virtuality - Top Quality FPV Products UAV antenna Design, testing and manufacturing of antennas for unmanned aircraft.
Scorpion Power System 89 Winges Road, Woodbridge, Ontario new showroom Digital Products Company
  Aerial Drone Imaging and Video Pilots available for your destination, event or situation.  

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