DVR Footage Requests

dvr-screenshotWe hope that your DVR Footage Request was delivered correctly.
At the current time, we do not charge for this service.
To find each clip, we:

  • Find the Heat/Race Result in the Scoring Computer (sometimes we have to dig!!!)
  • Find the Time/Date Stamp in the Scoring Computer with the correct sheet
  • Find the clip in the DVR
  • Export to USB
  • Drag-Drop to Dropbox
  • Send the User the Link

On average, it takes us up to 10 minutes  / clip from start-to-finish, not including the equipment, bandwidth and assorted required.

Please let us know what you think this service is worth!  Please send us an email to OR kindly use the donate button below.


Alternatively, here is our FPV Racing Events Animation for credit:

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