Landshark DPX2 Ground Stations

Landshark DP X2 Ground Station or Super Base Station

shanevideo“What is the most important thing in FPV? Is it the Airframe that you fly the motors or the ESC’s? Or is it something else? I have always continued that it’s something else. People will spend 1,000’s of dollars on their quads and all their little gadgets and they spend absolutely nothing on FPV. I’ve taken a different view and that is that your VIEW needs to come first. … The most important thing to me is the ground station”
~ BrainDrain (Brian Morris)
F3expo Overall Individual Race Champion, 3D Cup World Edition (France) Champion, 2015 IRCHA Champion, Reserve Champion at MultiGP Series Championships, Reserve Champion at US Drone Nationals and XDC2 Reserve Champion in Open and 4″ Props Classes.

In partnership with ReadyMadeRC, ImmersionRC, TrueRC Canada and DPCAV, FPV Racing Events has debuted the LandsharkDP and LandsharkDPX2 Ground Stations at signature grand scale events across North America.

In short, these “Super Stations” make indoor video great, and great outdoor video outstanding.

First introduced as the “Penetrator” by BrainDrain Brian Morris in November of 2015, FPV Racing Events saw it in action at F3expo in Atlanta, Georgia; and in combination of BrainDrain’s system, and similar systems by Voodoo Quad’s CodeRed and McFly, these “Super Stations” literally saved Individual Racing at F3expo by “penetrating” an exorbitant amount of WiFi interference and excessive signal reflections causing multipathing.

How it works: using the two of the cadillac of receivers, the Immersion Duo5800v4, the best signal is received via diversity selection of each individual receiver, then a DPCAV Oracle box selects via diversity the better of those two signals, and drops any bad frames.  The result: better than “just flyable” video, every time!

As we continue to produce racing events in unorthodox locations, we have since added TrueRC X2 Air’s to our super stations, and the results have been even more outstanding.

With the addition of an IRC Powerbox, this system allows for 6 video outputs per system, for Pilot Options (Composite vs. 3.5mm Goggle Cable), Race Director, Livestream, Station Display and more, plus can be powered off of a LiPo for complete portability!

QuestPro-Tip: at a recent event in Canada, we individually tuned each station with its own antenna configuration to provide best-possible video on each station.  These arrays varied from 4 X2 Air, to 3 x X2air and an Omni upside down, to 2 x X2 Air, an Omni and an 8db IRC Patch, etc.

zoomasarmonic walker

Proven Success captured on video

Event: Simcoe Shootout
RF Issues: Steel Trusses Widthways, Steel Supports Lengthwise
Goggle-only reception: rough
Antennae Used: up-to-4 TrueRC X2Air’s, mixed with FS Omni’s or IRC 8db Patch
End result: 8 Flying Simultaneously with Great Indoor Video


Event: Season Opener

RF Issues: Steel Trusses Widthways, Metal Walls at Either End
Goggle-only reception: a course would be unflyable
Antennae Used: 2 TrueRC X2Air’s with one FS Omni (upside down) and one IRC 8db Patch
End result: 7-8 Flying Simultaneously with Great Indoor Video


Event: XDC2

RF Issues: Strong WiFi all across the 5.8 Spectrum, steel and glass reflective surfaces around the entire race course and flightline
Goggle-only reception: extremely bad
Antennae Used: One FS Omni and three IRC 8db Patches
End result: 5-6 Flying Simultaneously with Good Indoor Video

Event: F3Expo

RF Issues: Strong WiFi all across the 5.8 Spectrum, steel and reflective surfaces around the entire racing area, power plant infrastructure
Goggle-only reception: unflyable
Antennae Used: One FS Omni and three IRC 8db Patches
End result: 3 Flying Simultaneously with Flyable Indoor Video (maximum # of stations)

Introducing the “Landshark DP Ground Station” or “Super Base Station” providing “Double Diversity” or quasi-Quad Diversity, by taking the best from each receiver, discarding the bad frames, and providing the Drone Racing FPV Pilot with the smoothest possible video in any situation (i.e. multipathing prone buildings, wifi interference, large range)

Rawk with 4 Antennae – like Quad for your Quad.

The components individually retail for a minimum of $625 – $830 at

Oracle: $159.99

ImmersionRC – Duo5800v4: $149.99 x 2

ImmersionRC – SpiroNET Omni: $39.99

ImmersionRC – SpiroNET Patch: $24.99 x 3

ImmersionRC – PowerBox: $49.99

TrueRC – 5.8 GHz 13dBic X²-AIR 5.8 $79.99 x up-to-4

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Landshark DP X2