Authentic FPV Racing Events Courses in Liftoff Simulator on Steam!

Some Authentic Tracks imported into Liftoff by QuestFPV!

FPV Air Show: May 13-16, 2016
Pourrieres, France

Liftoff Track  


Featuring: The Freestyle Structure and Authentic IRC/FS Liftoff Arch Gages

Authentic Track  


Download the Quest FPV Liftoff Track: here


FPV Racing Events have become renown for not only event execution, but also for track design!  From the debut of the “Rollercoaster” featured at the FPV Fall Classic Drone Race presented by ReadyMadeRC inspiring the “Tower of Terror” at the World Drone Prix in Dubai, to the continuous comments from racers on our flight lines, we are proud to feature “Big and Sweepy” fast racing tracks for drone racers to feel challenged on, while beginners and professionals should all be able to finish a lap and the champion being the one completing the fastest.

In 2016 in concert with Team RMRC, we present the Winter Barnburner Drone Racing Series presented by ReadyMadeRC.  Series pilot Quest FPV has transformed our authentic courses into replica courses with in the Liftoff Simulator on Steam, a game that translates the rush of first-person view drone racing to the digital world, developed by the game developer LuGus Studios and drone manufacturers ImmersionRC and FatShark.

See the Original then download and challenge yourself on these exciting Indoor Courses!

Importing the tracks –
Download xml files and place them into your Tracks folder, in your Liftoff installation.
Most users need to reboot their computers to see the tracks after importing.

Season Opener: January 23-24, 2016
Clinton, Ontario, Canada

Liftoff Tracksteam-seasonopener  


Featuring: The Immersion RC Over and the Supercross Section

Authentic Trackauthentic-opener  


Download the Quest FPV Liftoff Track: here

Simcoe Shootout // Canadian Video PreQualifier for the World Drone Prix: February 6-7, 2016
Waterford, Ontario, Canada

Liftoff Tracksteam-simcoe  


Featuring: Scorpion Power Systems Air Gate, and track built to World Drone Prix specifications

Authentic Trackauthentic-simcoe  


Download the Quest FPV Liftoff Track: here

Team RMRC Air Race Arena Showdown: March 11-12, 2016
Clinton, Ontario, Canada

Liftoff Tracksteam-clinton2  


Featuring: The Scorpion Power Systems “AirPin” Gate, and the Detroit Multi Rotor Company Splitter

Authentic Trackauthentic-clinton2  


Download the Quest FPV Liftoff Track: here

Spring Fling: April 2-3, 2016
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Liftoff Track



Featuring: The Scorpion Power Systems “AirChicane” and the ImmersionRC Horse Vault

Authentic Track



Download the Quest FPV Liftoff Track: here

Official Ontario International Drone Day Celebration and the Autobotix Toronto Drone Cross FPV Race: May 6-7, 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Liftoff Tracktorontosim  



Featuring: The Autobotix Vertical Hairpin, the MultiGP Splitter and a the ReadyMadeRC Chicane

Authentic Tracktorontoreal  



Download the Quest FPV Liftoff Track: here

Series Championships: June 18-19, 2016

Liftoff Track
coming soon!
Authentic Track
coming soon!

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