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Flying high while sitting still
Brant News – October 18, 2016
When Ben Davis puts on his goggles he can fly like a fighter pilot.

FPV drone racing profile to increase as barriers to live broadcast are broken down
Sport Video Group Europe – October 10, 2016
…commentary position (usually featuring Joe Scully, race director at FPV Racing Events) and “the voice of FPV racing” according to Wahl…

Drone Racing’s Hype Machine Lurches Toward a Payday
INVERSE – August 5, 2016
…has major deals with ESPN, an enthusiastic announcer named Joe Scully, and enough hype for Mountain Dew…

Drone Racing at K-Days (Edmonton)
CTV Edmonton – July 30, 2016
A look at the “Sport of the Future” today at Northlands as part of the Tech Life Pavilion at K-Days in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Voice Of Drone Racing – Joe Skully, FPV Racing Events
The Drone Radio Show – July 19, 2016
Have you ever wondered what it takes to call a great drone race?
We’re in for a real treat on this edition of the Drone Radio Show, as we hear from one of best drone race commentators in the world today. Joe Skully is the race director and commentator for FPV Racing Events, a premier event company specializing in first person view race management and production.

CDrone racing takes off as ‘sport of the future’
The Today Show (NBC) – June 1, 2016
Wearing virtual reality goggles for a first-person perspective, pilots fly high-speed drones through a neon-lit course. NBC’s Steve Patterson reports that investors are stepping up to get involved in the popular new sport, sponsoring big events for the masses.

Catching Up with Joe Scully (MDX, France, etc.)
FPV Podcast (DRS Media) – June 5, 2016
Joe Scully from FPV Racing Events joins us to tell some stories and gives us some insight future technology from immersionRC.

Drone Races Flourish at REACH Centre
Goodrich Signal Star – March 30, 2016
FPV Racing Events held an open competition for drone racing at the REACH Centre in Clinton…

Interview with Joe Scully from FPV Racing Events
Third Law Sports – March 6, 2016

Track Design with Joe Scully and Bulbufet FPV
FPV Podcast (DRS Media) – March 5, 2016
Discussing track design from the perspective of a race director and racer.

CFL FPV Meet 2016 Joe Scully Interview with Alex Greve (IBCrazy)
AirVuz – March 4, 2016
RF Axial Ratios, Antennae and exciting developments at Video Aerial Systems

Kopin Launches HD First Person Viewer Modules for Extreme Drone Racing
Business Wire – January 06, 2016
“Racing drones at 60+ MPH requires fast, responsive first person control. These drones aren’t for real estate agents or package delivery, these drones are built for racing…”

Do You Like to FPV……. Part 1
SL&D Blog – December 6, 2015
FPV racing is fast and looks uncontrolled, when it is in fact very calculated (usually).

Special Episode
Broken Prop Podcast – September 1, 2015
TBP is honored to have the first chance to break the news about a great event going on October 24 and 25. Two solid days of some next level FPV quad racing that is not to be missed.

Canadian Drone Nationals – Drone Racing Through A Town From The 1800’s
Dronez Buzz – September 2, 2015
Drone racing is quickly climbing from casual hobby to legitimate sport as it expands to many countries and new race series are organized throughout America and abroad.

Special Episode
Broken Prop Podcast – August 25, 2015
Special coverage of the #FatSharkFrenzy #CanadianDroneNationals…

National drone event takes flight near Collingwood
the Enterprise Bulletin – August 25, 2015
The future of racing sounds like a mosquito.
Bygone Days Heritage Museum provided the perfect contrast as First Person View (FPV) drones race past the miniature historical village.…

First Day – Canadian Drone Nationals
Drone Reflect – August 24, 2015
So the first days of the Canadian Drone Nationals have come and gone
but the vendors are still there. …

Drone racing is like a real-life video game
UAV Experts – August 24, 2015
Forget package delivery. Drone owners have found a much more thrilling use for their radio-controlled flying machines: racing.…

Drone Nationals in Collingwood
97.7 the Beach – August 22, 2015
More than 100 people will take part in Canadian Drone competition this weekend.…

Live Broadcast
DRONEONFPV – August 22, 2015
Livestream of Event…

Canadian Drone Nationals in Collingwood
CTV Barrie – August 21, 2015
(at the 10 minute Mark)…

Live Broadcast
CBC Radio – August 20, 2015

Remote-control racers to take to the sky in first-ever Canadian Drone Nationals
Yahoo News – August 20, 2015
Racers and remote-control aficionados alike will gather in Collingwood, Ont., this weekend to mark the first-ever Canadian Drone Nationals.…

Drone On FPV Racing Weekend
MyCollingwood.CA – August 18, 2015
Drone On FPV Racing Weekend August 21 to 23rd at Bygone Days Heritage Village – Collingwood. See some of the world’s best pilots showcase their skills in the fastest growing racing sport – Drone Racing…

The rise of drone racing
the Toronto Star – August 18, 2015
Drone racing is quickly climbing from casual hobby to legitimate sport. Collingwood will host a drone race weekend on August 22 and 23.…

Drone racing like ‘a real-life video game’
Windsor Star – August 18, 2015
New hobby that puts gamers virtually in the drone pilot’s seat is soaring in popularity, with a tourney in Collingwood on Friday…

Episode – 6
Broken Prop Podcast – August 9, 2015
I also had a chance to chat with Dave French who is hosting an event in Collingwood, Ontario on August 21-23 called Fat Shark Frenzy! give a listen, check it out…

Drone Nationals Canada 2015 – July 13, 2015
You are probably on your way to Sacramento for the US Drone Nationals but just a quick reminder that Canadian Drones Nationals is just around the corner.…

REACH celebrates International Drone Day
Clinton News Record – March 16, 2015
Aircraft enthusiasts gathered at the REACH Huron Centre in Clinton on Saturday as the centre hosted a special event to celebrate International Drone Day, a day that focuses on educating the public about the ways in which drones are used to benefit society…

Drone Day At Clinton’s Reach Centre
Blackburn News – March 13, 2015
Saturday is International Drone Day at the REACH Centre in Clinton.…

International Drone Day Saturday expected to draw crowds of enthusiasts
London Free Press – March 11, 2015
Their slogan is short and to the point: Drones Are Good.…

Air Show Arena Showdown – Clinton, Ontario
Broken Prop Podcast – February 16, 2015
Spent the day on February 15, 2015 in Clinton, Ontario at the Air Race Arena Showdown! A great day of FPV racing with a total load of spills. It was nice to see everyone and had a great chat with a lot of people who had braved the winter weather from ALL over.…

Inside the team @RacingFPV with Joe Scully
DroneBlog – December 26, 2014
With the fast-paced growth of sales of Multi-Rotor Units, Cameras and FPV Kits, it is quite simple to see that the fastest sector of the RC Industry is anything “Drone” related. But after a little online research, it can also be noted that Multi-Rotor FPV Racing is working its way up in market share as well.…