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We’ve built our reputation for fast shipping, high quality products, and great customer service.  Those are the fundamental foundations I’ve put in place for the business, and we will ALWAYS do our best to maintain the level of service we’ve become known for.  Thanks to all our customers for your continued support!

Real Virtuality - Top Quality FPV Products

Back in 1975, a member of the ImmersionRC team, 5 years old at the time, found a dusty book in a school library. ‘Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy’. A book which ignited a spark which grew for the next 35 years.

Our goal is simple, to develop products which give the wonderful sensation of FPV flight to the world. 10 years on, we are the world leader in high quality FPV equipment, and are just as passionate about the hobby as we were watching vrflyer’s video.

Fat Shark has continued its commitment for reliability across an ever expanding range of FPV products. Fat Shark works closely with ImmersionRC to manufacture a complete line of complimenting FPV products. From Fat Shark headsets and HD cameras to long range ImmersionRC UHF control links, antenna trackers and OSDs, every possible FPV product is manufactured and tested under one roof to the same exacting standards required for reliability in the field. Designing products to work together eliminates the guesswork and interface incompatibilities of mixed systems. Plug and play really does translate to more play.

UAV antenna Design, testing and manufacturing of antennas for unmanned aircraft.

UAV antenna specialist.
Design, testing and manufacturing of antennas for unmanned aircraft.


At ALGIX 3D, we are producing 3D filament with purpose. We are intentional about bringing high quality and sustain-ably-focused products to the market. We are passionate about giving back to the communities we operate in. We believe that 3D printing has the capacity to truly change the everyday lives of people and industries all around the globe, and we are doing our part to help further that positive impact in a way that will not compromise our future.

BeaverFPV is in Brantford, Ontario Canada.

It is run by 2 active pilots, who have dedicated a better portion of the last few years to the FPV community.  The lack of local brick and mortar stores meant we were stocking our basements with spare parts and supplying them to local members to keep them in the air.  After much though, we decided to open BeaverFPV.

Why the Beaver ?… Hell a beaver wearing a hockey jersey was about as Canadian as I could think !

Shami Hobbies is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Shami Hobbies is a RC Hobbyist store that sells a wide variety of FPV drones, planes, accessories and more. We also have a large selection of RC products.

nxgraphics-header-web-logo-20122 Whatever the job, nxgraphics is your business services partner who will deliver your project from concept to completion with authority.From  Design, Banners, Posters Sandwich Boards and Signage to custom RC projects, nxgraphics has the dedication, skill and the passion to make your communications stand out.  Nxgraphics is all about building relationships. We take the time to invest in knowing your business and understanding the printing services which best suit your needs.

NX wants to get to know you and want you to keep coming back again and again for our excellent service, very competitive pricing and the exceptional quality of our work.For more information about NX please use our contact form below.

At Gemfan Canada they strive to bring you the highest quality parts for your FPV needs. They pay great attention to quality control to ensure you get the best quality to be able to have a great flying experience.

Weekly podcast covering drone racing, freestyle and building hosted by “CodeRed”,
“VonQuad” and “OmniFPV”.

Paris Junction Hobbies is a real bricks and mortar shop located in Paris Ontario.  We offer a full range of RC surface and aircraft products, Scale models, Model Railroading products as well as the tools, parts and supplies to support the products we sell.  Paris is a great place to visit not only for the hobby shop but also for the excellent railfanning opportunities along CN’s main line, great shops and restaurants and our local RC club the Brant Flyers who have two fields nearby.



CONNEX™ ProSight is the missing link needed to usher in a new era in FPV racing.

CONNEX ProSight is all about transforming FPV drones into a completely new kind of immersive experience for beginners and experts alike. The Connex ProSight HD Vision Pack is a true game changer. It delivers unparalleled vision performance with delay-free wireless transmission. Its superior image quality combined with simple installation, smooth configuration and improved multi-pilot flying experience.

Now with our new and improved indoor version. Now with our new and improved indoor version, ProSight users can open the winter indoor racing season, with a new set of light handling features: HDR support in HP mode, Night mode and more.

rotorev-1 We are a local Canadian multi-rotor shop with both store front and online shop .

The store is located at :
5030 Maingate Dr. Unit#2 . Mississauga, ON . Canada



Gens Ace is a factory owned Lipo battery brand in remote control product market. It focus on designing and manufacturing of high discharge rate battery pack for all kinds of RC products, such as RC helicopter, car,airplane etc…Gens Ace bring you the high quality product and best customer service experience,

Tattu is the sister brand of Gens Ace. It is more focused on Drones/Multirotors/UAV battery pack and designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells. It has highly reputation in the market with its stable performance.
We are committed to supply the safe, stable as well as long cycle life battery for UAV.

In 1987 the Scorpion Power System Ltd was founded by Georges, an avid RC enthusiast, for the purpose of manufacturing the highest quality glow plugs available for both sport and competition flying. These original Scorpion products received wide acclaim throughout Europe and Asia during the late 80’s, and were frequently found in the winners circles of national competitions.

We are so committed of the quality of our brushless motors and speed controllers that we back them with a full 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We know that you have a choice when it comes to purchasing an electric power system for your next model, and we are certain that when you consider the Quality, Performance and Value that our motors and speed controllers offer, the choice is obvious: Scorpion.

89 Winges Road, Woodbridge, Ontario new showroom

As the name describes we are all about supplying information, products, reviews, description of all hobbies of our new generation. We are constantly working on making our customers happy and providing them with solutions they need to accomplish their projects.

Digital Products Company (DPCAV): Our online store has been serving customers worldwide since 2006. We carry high quality FPV (First Person View) video equipment for hobby drones, small unmanned systems, and amateur robots. We have interesting hard-to-find parts that make us a favorite visiting place for hobbyists and midnight engineers. We are located in the USA and ship from California. Seven simple words explain us best: Interesting products, high quality, and worldwide shipping!

Aerial Drone Imaging and Video Pilots available for your destination, event or situation.

AirVid brings everything together so you can show off your stuff. Your event, destination or special situation comes to life with spectacular and affordable aerial footage shot from a remote control drone. Search the AirVid Pilot Directory for a pilot in your area.

Drone Racer Tee Shirts make a statement about your passion for FPV, with a slice of your personality!

Check out the abundance of options available at: www.droneracerteeshirts.com

Race Engineered. Detroit Tough.

Frames, powersytsems, kits and more… Detroit Tough!


As we move forward, we will be providing full build services for our own version of a H 250 sized quad. We will try to provide a quality well researched product that flies well and is as crash proof as possible. Much like a tornado proof building is only so tornado proof, we would like to say the same.

The R/C Daredevils

Extensive knowledge in programming and design of electronic equipment

Vast experience in product design, manufacturing and marketing for R/C equipment

Multiple years of experience with remote control planes (piloting) as well as customer support in this market

Access to the largest network of manufacturers, engineers and pioneers in the FPV / DIY UAV community

Regular appearance in TV shows, newspapers, blogs, YouTube & other social media. Roughly 30 million viewers anually on all channels combined.

Don't be a dumbass, fly responsibly.

Mission: To produce the highest quality multi-rotor hardware on the planet. If we’ve crashed it, you know it’s good.

World's Only Lifetime Warrantied Airframes.

So this is it. Armattan is now the only frame manufacturer in the world to offer any kind of warranty post-crashing your model. But it is not any kind of warranty. It is lifetime warranty. The word is crash it, break it and we’ll replace it. For free and for life. Be it you purchase the frame from someone else second hand or from an Armattan official re-seller, the warranty remains valid. Forever.

Racing, Bashing, Flying and Crawling, they have it all.

Skycraft Hobbies has been in Burlington, Ontario selling Radio Control Cars,

Boats, Planes, and Helicopters of all kinds for over 35 years.  Now in St. Catherines!  They carry Hobby

Quality product, and a wide variety to choose from.

feed your heli addiction

RotorQuest is one of the largest R/C heli and multi-copter hobby shops in Canada. We carry a wide range of R/C helicopter & multi-rotor upgrades.

toronto and beyond

Rotorgeeks brings you the best value equipment, hand picked from all over the world with the speed, ease and support of a local vendor.  Pricing is in your currency and shipping is from Toronto, Canada.  We are shipping specialists, with 3 day delivery to the USA and ~10 days to most parts of the world, all at very low cost to you.  We will endeavour to source the best products and offer the convenience of one-stop shopping.  We don’t aim to bring you the largest selection – just the really good stuff and a lot of the little accessories that make your build that much easier.  We test everything we carry and can recommend proven combos that work.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and welcome any feedback.  Happy multirotoring!

The Ultimate Hobby Experience

If you love Radio Control products, then we’re just like you!

Passion, value and service drive us to bring you the very latest at the best price possible. We’re always developing and sourcing new model products and then bringing them to you at the lowest price possible while maintaining quality, performance and service.

Our professional team includes engineers from various disciplines as well as designers, R/C officianados, full time sourcing agents, product testers and a lonely marketing manager. Our focus is and has always been on the products, not the hype.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality frames that are durable, simple to build an affordable.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality frames that are durable, simple to build an affordable.

Bringing FPV Drone Racing to the World

The live video stream programming, management and delivery of FPV Drone Races around the world.

A Podcast For All That's RC That Flies

A Podcast For All That’s RC That Flies.

software for serious racers

The RC Racing Industry’s leading-edge software, featured at events such as the Roar Nationals and the IFMAR Worlds, The Fat Shark Frenzy / Canadian Drone Nationals is excited to partner with RC Scoring Pro as the official scoring software for 2015.  Race Management combined with instant, accurate results to the millisecond, in addition to live scoring displays via Trackside TV, make RC Scoring Pro the sole choice for crowning champions of Drone Racing.

It's all about timing

Automatic sports timing was invented 33 years ago by the founders of MYLAPS. Their passion for sports and technology has always been the driving force while developing products and services for measuring, publishing and analyzing racers’ and athletes’ training and race results. The Fat Shark Frenzy / Canadian Drone Nationals is excited to partner with MYLAPS as the official timing system for 2015.  Their RFID system provides the most reliable and accurate race data in all of racing, while allowing for FPV Craft to cross the finish-line at any height, distance, speed, angle while racing horizontal or inverted!

Great Service, Great Selection, Great Prices

Canada’s leading retailer of radio controlled models and related hobby supplies. Comprising four locations for walk-in trade; one in Edmonton, Alberta, two in Ontario, Mississauga and Ottawa, and one in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They serve the entire country by mail and phone order, as well as website.

The Next Generation Open Source UAV Autopilot

OpenPilot is a next-generation Open Source UAV autopilot created by the OpenPilot Community (an all volunteer non-profit community). It is a highly capable platform for multirotors, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and other vehicles . It has been designed from the ground up by a community of passionate developers from around the globe, with its core design principles being quality, safety, and ease of use.  Simplicity does not come with any compromises either: with no hard-coded settings, a complete flight plan scripting language and other powerful features, OpenPilot is an extremely capable UAV autopilot platform.

OpenPilot was started at the beginning of 2010 and is a serious use platform aimed at civilian and research purposes, with emphasis being placed on making the platform especially suitable for aerial photography and aerial video applications.

Aerial Grand Prix

Aerial GP is an international FPV Multirotor Race Organization with Chapters in USA, Europe and Asia to name a few.

AMain.com Performance Sports & Hobbies!

Ten years ago, A Main Hobbies embarked on a mission to build the greatest RC hobby store on the planet, pairing the widest selection of RC Planes, RC Helicopters, RC Cars, and Multi Rotor Drones in the world, with industry leading service and support.

The mission of the all-new AMain.com is to be the destination for all your Performance Sports and Hobby needs. We are proud to announce our expansion into road bicycles, mountain bikes and cyclocross. Whether you’re new to the hobby or an extreme enthusiast, a downhill junky or pain loving triathlete, you can rest assured our team of passionate experts and professionals will check, double-check and triple-check your order, and provide the best before- and after-sale support in the industry.

Specializing in commercial and industrial applications.

KDE Direct, LLC is a company driven by innovation and quality products. Through developing new and innovative products, maintaining the highest quality, and supplying the consumer with direct-to-market prices, our goal is to deliver the customer the greatest designs on the market. All products have been inspired by a degreed Biomedical and Mechanical Engineer, so nothing is created without detailed design intent, finite-element analysis, and the strictest machining guidelines. We are confident you will be pleased with your purchase and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

In 2012 HQProp Team was founded in China, means High Quality Props. We desire to become a highest quality RC propeller manufacturer.

HQProp Team developed many series propellers: SF series, MR series, E series, 3D series, DD series. We received many good feedbacks from many professional testing teams,national competition pilots and etc. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, we assure that every one can receive a well balanced propeller, but with less payment.

Drone's Eye View

Committed to the research and development of FPV cameras and camcorders, we launched multiple products that have gained popularity among FPV pilots.

To us, quality is a habit, not an act.

Now, aerial photography is easy. Unlike most companies that use full size helicopters and airplanes to take photos, we utilize small drones with HD cameras. Our drone is small enough to fly through houses or other tight spaces yet powerful enough to capture photos from hundreds of feet to truly give your project the ultimate showcase.

High Quality, Low Price, Free Shipping

SurveilZone.com is an online supplier of security cameras, videos surveillance systems, and CCTV equipments. We have been specialized in CCTV camera since 2008. We supply surveillance cameras and systems to individual homeowners, schools, warehouses, convenience stores, businesses of all sizes, as well as government institutions. We are a team of customer service and engineering staff, and we can help choose suitable products or design a system that will fit your needs and budget.

Radio Controlled Airplanes, Helicopters, Cars and Boats

SN Hobbies sells electric RC Helicopters, Airplanes, parts, upgrades and accessories. They build and fly rc helicopters offering more support than the standard hobby shop.

3D-Printing models for download for RC and Robotics. STLhive.com offers 3D-Printing models for download for RC and Robotics. We find the sport of FPV racing very exciting and believe we have a lot to offer beginners and experts alike. Our customers are the most clever, resourceful and interesting people in the world! We want to help them by modelling difficult parts and features that are not easy to do without professional 3D modelling software and training. We are sure this event is going to be the best to date in all of Canada!

Cost-effective model airplane accessories and help them enjoy fantastic flight experience more smoothly. Franklin Sports brings great ideas and products to all levels of sports participants. They also understand consumer needs and offer the strongest value. We are fortunate enough to work with some of the strongest names in retail, including Wal-Mart, Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target and more.

FPV Racing Events utilizes Soccer Discs by Franklin as course outline designators, which offer high visibility and are an extremely cost-effective solution to enhance FPV Race Tracks.

Cost-effective model airplane accessories and help them enjoy fantastic flight experience more smoothly. Xiangshan Gemfan Hobby Co., Ltd. is a technology-based manufacturer that concentrates on the R&D, production and sales of model airplane accessories, devoting itself to providing professional, accurate and efficient accessories for model airplane players all over the world.

The company emphasizes customers’ interests and looks forward to joining hands with dealers and terminal players to seek common development and create a win-win situation so as to provide Gemfan users with cost-effective model airplane accessories and help them enjoy fantastic flight experience more smoothly.

Your IDEAL tooling solution

For more than 50 years, iDEAL Technology’s philosophy has been to service, support and provide quality products to OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 manufacturers.
We’re dedicated to providing expertise in CNC Machining, Rapid Prototyping, and Assembly Equipment Building while exceeding customer’s expectations on value and efficiency.

We provide leadership and experience in technical services needed in today’s global market.

We are specialized in antenna 5.8GHz

Specializing in 5.8GHz antennas, and based in Canada.  Contact the team at: wavefpv@gmail.com

We’re excited to be featured on the FPVforum.co.uk

Innovative Photo and Electronic Accessories.

Founded in Canada in 1981, The DayMen Group has enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the photographic and consumer electronics industry. DayMen, the innovative manufacturer and leading distributor of the Lowepro, JOBY and Acme Made brands.

Your Radio Control Authority

We cover everything to do with the exciting world of Radio Controlled Model Hobbies.

If you’re into R/C, then this is the show for you  – online and on OLN

High performance multicopter frames for First Person View racing, aerobatic and proximity flight.

We’re working on a special project until August. Until then we’re only supplying replacement parts. For full kit sales please check our retail partners.

Creativity with Innovation

Our drone tech is based on providing what is needed and not the extra unwanted and useless flair which compromises quality. We deliver in terms of quality and practicality so you have an enriching experience. Our quadcopters deliver the FPV experience you would expect from a natural eye. They are fine tuned to perform the way you want, without making it a hassle.

Our drones perform and deliver like you expect them to and more. Be it photography in the wild mountains, FPV film shoots, surveying and urban planning or a simple fun prank on your friends and family.

turn your passion into a business

Skyward is the information management platform that powers the global aerial robotics network. We connect drones and their operators with the information they need to fly safely and in compliance with regulatory and insurance requirements. Skyward’s cloud­-based solution suite delivers the digital system of record, real-­time air chart, and unique drone IDs essential for commercial operations. We’re a team of professional pilots, computer scientists, and regulatory experts who are passionate about this new era of aviation. We cultivate transparency, empowered productivity, and celebrating the pure joy of this journey together.

Your Event Leader for the Premier Events of Your Industry

From races in the air to surface, motorsports to equestrian sports, Joe Scully, ProRodeo MC / Enhanced Action Sports / JSDC Media is your leading choice for event production, logistics and marketing.  Accredited at the highest levels of competition (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, USHRA Monster Jam) and Award-Winning (International Contract Act Showcase Announcer Champion, 4-time most becoming of a cowboy provincial award winner), the team behind the scenes and in the spotlight will truly enhance your action sport or event!  12,000 Twitter Followers can’t be wrong!


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