Winter Barnburner Drone Racing SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS

Statement regarding the Winter Barnburner Drone Racing Series presented by ReadyMadeRC
from the desk of Joe Scully, Race Director & Founder of FPV Racing Events
It is with the deepest regret that we are announcing the cancellation of the series race next weekend, June 18-19, 2016.
We have been unable to secure a venue within our region for any reasonable investment, and while we have three great venues on offer to the north, east and west of our region, we have decided not to move forward with an event next weekend for risk of further inferior participant numbers in unknown territory.
To be fully open, while we had considerable participant numbers for the Canadian Drone Nationals and the FPV Fall Classic Drone Race, our Winter Series failed to achieve the required participant numbers to sustain itself.
While we graciously are sponsored by some great companies, the hard-costs of doing multiple day events, indoors, with an over-worked while passionate crew of volunteers did not balance with sponsorship and participant revenues.
We have a lot of equipment that we continue to invest in, and an outstanding course that we expand upon, but it is not feasible to continually host events operating in the red, let alone manage a growing company that has now started to go that way because of said events. 5 revenue negative events in succession have made this a painful but very real decision to make. To give you a barometer, we lost over $2,000 on the Toronto Event alone.
With less than 7 days before “the next one”, we have been forced to adjourn the series.
That said, we still will host our $1,000 Cash Prize Championship Race, and recognize our Series Champions. Similar to all of the “cups and nationals”, we will qualify those eligible to the championship race at our 2016 “Collingwood” / “Fat Shark Frenzy” / “Former Canadian Drone Nationals” event August 18-20, 2016. Further details will be announced in the next few weeks to come.
We would love to thank once again ReadyMadeRC, ImmersionRC, TrueRC Canada, Scorpion Power Systems, New Generation Hobbies, DPCAV, AirVid, Drone Racer Tees, Detroit MultiRotor Company, Autobotix, Fat Shark and Sasquatch Labs, plus all of the pilots that attended over the Winter and Spring of 2016. We look forward to crowning our Series Champions this August. It has been an adventure and journey.